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Welcome to the home of the Free Trade Party!  Why don't you try the "Fast Food Democracy" and "The New Iraq" links?

The FTP has a vision of limited "government" consisting of property protection agencies funded by voluntary fees for property security services, including the provision of Common Law.

Governments exist primarily to protect property rights (or according to John Locke, "Government has no other end than the preservation of property"), so it makes sense that the funding of governments should be a function of market-determined property values, and NOT trade.  Taxes on trade, such as Income Tax and various sales taxes that are used to fund today's government services cause mind-boggling economic and social losses.

Regulation of trade also costs us a fortune!  Legislation as diverse as recreational drug prohibition and urban zoning laws can be scrapped - these problems would be dealt with more effectively and fairly by the Common Law (for example, product liability).  But this would be too rational and too fair for the true "politicians" among us!

This site was last updated on March 22, 2004.

We have to eliminate "systemic" or structural problems to eliminate rampant vote-buying.  Our "representatives" should be the people we vote for voluntarily with our dollars to protect our property and other interests.

"Free trade" does not refer to managed trade agreements, though any trade de-regulation is positive.   Regulation of trade and taxes on trade are not consistent with our principles.

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This website is designed to affect outcomes in terms of people's freedom and prosperity by infuencing policy and contributing to understanding. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or need further information.

This is a "supernational" party and think tank, so anyone of any age or nationality can join!  Please use the Guestbook below to offer comments or become a member. Membership is free.

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George Reid - First Leader of the Free Trade Party

George Reid, first leader of the Free Trade Party of Australia
George Reid was the first Leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition of Australia. He was leader of the Free Trade Party of Australia from 1901-1908. He was also leader of the Free Trade Party of NSW from 1891-1901. And he was the fourth Prime Minister of Australia, from August 1904 to July 1905.
The Free Trade Party was against trade barriers, but was also considered "soft" on the White Australia Policy that was so mainstream politically in those days. Reid's party was also against the military build-up and conscription that were imposed in response to the Yellow Peril - the unjustified fear that Japan, having defeated Russia in a territorial dispute in 1905, would pick Australia as its next victim.

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