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On Representation
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Representation is really about surrendering your personal sovereignty.  It's an elitist pre-Darwinian concept justified by the assumption that people can't think for themselves and need a group of higher class leaders or representatives that rule in everyone's interests.  But the representatives are people too - subject to human nature.  And human nature consists of pursuing perceived self-interest.  Since self-interest trumps honesty, the politician representatives must be masters of deception (and self-deception) to stay in power.
Sir Winston Churchill's famous line was "[representative] democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time", and he may have been right, if the dictatorship of the legislatures is better than the dictatorship of the kings.  But "dictatorship-free" government (free trade) hasn't been tried yet.  The prosperity and innovation in western democracies is not the result of democracy at all, but rather their relatively high tolerance of free markets, English common law, and the constitutional limits to state power.
Under representative democracy, we vote for someone who convinces us that he might vote for some of the things we would vote for, were we to have the right to vote on them directly.  The moral legitmacy for elite representation comes from the perception held by the governing class that they rule by divine right (or similar inspiration).  But as the suppliers of government services, they also control the electoral system (to serve their interests) and their legislation is enforced at the point of police guns.
Some people rightly hold up direct democracy (majority rule) as a better alternative.  But majority rule definitionally persecutes minorities.  It would be mob rule instead of elite mob rule. 
The free market solution is to vote every day with your contracts for the property and personal security you want.

The US Bill of Rights in 1791 wisely tried to prevent legislators from stripping the people's right to free speech and their right to bear arms. This was a (basically failed) attempt to control the power of the representatives. A constitution controlled by the politicians can hardly be used to control the politicians! The answer is a bottom-up consensual peace based on individuals' voluntary contracts to secure their property.