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George Reid - First Leader of the Free Trade Party
George Reid, first leader of the Free Trade Party of Australia
George Reid was the first Leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition of Australia. He was leader of the Free Trade Party of Australia from 1901-1908. He was also leader of the Free Trade Party of NSW from 1891-1901. And he was the fourth Prime Minister of Australia, from August 1904 to July 1905.
The Free Trade Party was against trade barriers, but was also considered "soft" on the White Australia Policy that was so mainstream politically in those days. Reid's party was also against the military build-up and conscription that were imposed in response to the Yellow Peril - the unjustified fear that the Japanese emperor, having won a territorial dispute against the Russian Czar in 1905, would then try to victimize the people living in Australia.

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