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Welcome to the home of the Free Trade Party.  The FTP has a vision of limited "government" (self-government) consisting of voluntarily-funded providers of personal and property security.  People will be able to buy insurance from free market insurance companies who are bound by judge-made law decided by the courts specified in people's contracts.

If the purpose of governments (states) was to secure property, providers of property security services would be funded by property owners, NOT traders.  Taxes on trade, such as Income Tax, sales taxes and money printing that are used to fund today's government "services" cause mind-boggling economic and social losses.

So why is trade taxed? Because the actual purpose of governments is to subsidize the political class at the expense of the politically unconnected.

All legislation (ie. state regulation), from occupational licensing and drug prohibition to urban zoning laws is immoral, because it is imposed by force.  In a free market people can decide who their judges will be in their own voluntary contracts. Free market courts will simply award remedies to victims, and nobody will be busted based on statistics.

But is this too rational and too fair for the true politicians among us? Do bears go poo poo in the woods? Was William The Bastard a bastard?

This site was last updated on January 27, 2018.

We have to eliminate systemic (structural) problems to eliminate rampant vote-buying.  Our "representatives" should be the people we vote for voluntarily with our contracts, written in the currency of our choice, to protect our property and other interests.

"Free trade" does not refer to state-managed trade agreements, though trade de-legislation is generally positive.  Free trade does refer to trade that is free of taxes and legislation.  Legislating trade and taxing trade are not consistent with our principles.

This website is designed to affect outcomes in terms of people's freedom and prosperity by infuencing policy and contributing to understanding. This is a "supernational" think tank, so anyone of any age or nationality can join!  Please send us an email or offer comments in the FTP Guestbook.  And tell somebody about this site today, BECAUSE your friends deserve to know.
The HTMLGear Guestbooks were eliminated by Tripod in April 2012. (Maybe they were too hard for "intelligence" to monitor?) Anyway, we now have a new FTP Guestbook. Please throw a rock in the pond!


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