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Zionist Wars?

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Zionist Wars?
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One of the reasons for the existence of government that we are "taught" early on in life is that you can't declare war and also not declare war against another country at the same time.  How can such a decision be made if not by someone with a higher power?

It takes a bit of reflection to realize that the market can handle even this decision much more elegantly than the democratic sledge hammer that we use for a fly swatter.  The neocons that control the criminal IRS forced us ALL to pay for invading and bombing Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen and others. There are a lot of people who don't want to fight any wars, let alone wars started to benefit the government of Israel.

The best solution is to let people fund wars voluntarily.  (Yes, I'm trotting out the old "vote with your dollars" argument again sports fans!)  Assuming we are insured by the property protection agency of our choice, there are experts risking their own money determining whether or not someone is a threat to our property and prosperity.  If an attack makes economic sense, or if enough people line up to pay enough money to knock off a dictator, then the job can be accomplished without taxation.

If we have learned anything by watching democratic and other governments over the years, we should know that they will almost never get these decisions right.  Our political institutions are just not designed to deliver justice, or even efficiency.

On a positive note, we can predict the outcomes from a free market / judge-made law system, and apply any power we can muster to agitate for these (just) outcomes.  It's called having a vision, a vision for understanding.

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